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As a GlobalSign Authorized Partner Company we provide our customers with award winning PKI solutions designed to meet security, workflow and budgetary requirements.


Digitally sign and encrypt emails to prove ownership and prevent tampering. Ever received emails that say they are from you? What happens if your customers receive emails like that? Get a digital signed email certificate to assure your clients that it's safe to open your emails.

Powered by StopTheHacker, we offers Malware Monitoring Service to alert you instantly should malware be detected on your secured domain. The level of malware detection depends on the type of SSL Certificate purchased.

The best way to manage multiple SSL Certificates. Simplify management & deployment of high assurance SSL Certificates. Gain significant volume discounts. GlobalSign's Managed SSL gives you advanced on-demand SSL management through a Cloud based solution.

Moving from paper-based to electronic document workflows increases productivity and reduces costs for organizations, but can also increase the risk of document forgery or tampering. Organizations need a solution that offers their electronic documents the same assurance of origin and integrity as a wet ink signature provides a physical document.

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At Higher Advantage, as a GlobalSign Authorized Partner Company, we provide the strongest SSL encryption, fast secure page load times and around the clock malware & phishing protection for your website. We take care of everything for you including, ordering, installation, maintenance and support.

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