Good design starts with a well defined brand, incorporates the company goals, future needs and digital marketing strategy along with the latest design techniques and technologies. Design should also include effective content marketing and proven conversion strategies that provide quality, efficiency and easy maintenance.

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Major Areas of Design Include

  • web design
  • graphic design
  • marketing materials design
  • product package design
  • content design
  • video design and production

Web Design

A good website is generally viewed today as a basic requirement to do business. It is the online portal to your brand, your products and your services. A lot of website designers today ignore the primary goal of a company website with overdone flash, moving graphics and content. The primary goal of a website besides brand awareness and support is to convert new visitors into leads and sales. What always looks like the latest fad does not always work the best to make a conversion. At Higher Advantage we have the expertise to take your company brand and promote it using the latest design techniques to help retain current customers and bring in new ones.

Today more than ever a website needs to be designed for all types of Internet devices. We build responsive websites so that they automatically re-size for all sizes of devices and we use software and code that works on all types as well. This streamlines maintenance, efficiency and quality.

Could you use a website that automatically re-sizes to a cell phone that can sell a new customer, first time website visitor? A new customer that happens to be driving by and sees your sign, looks up your website on their phone and decides to come in - converts - to make a huge purchase. We get actual testimonials like this.

What works best depends on the audience. We understand that every website big or small has unique goals, products or services that are critical to understand in order to present the best vision and representation of the brand possible. We take the time necessary to understand your business and your goals. 

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is a critical component of any website, but it goes beyond that. We have extensive experience designing and creating all types of materials from the digital world to the print media world. We also have the resources necessary for large projects as needed. We can bring a unified brand representation to all of your design needs.

Marketing Materials

From product catalogs to brochures, business cards and even trade show booths, we can do it all.  We design the marketing materials in concert with website and other designs so that all of your company materials relate and promote the same consistent brand message. This is important to provide and promote a "trusted brand".

Product Packaging

We have experience with retail product packaging design including boxes and sleeves seen on many retail store shelves.

Content Design

The graphics are important but the combination of good well written content with well designed coordinating graphics is an important and critical part of any website especially, one that has high conversion rates.

Video Design and Production

Video is an obviously important medium today, especially with all the mobile devices on the market today. We use the latest HTML5 compliant video production methods so our videos can be played on almost any video capable device. But, while video is important through various studies it should not necessarily be the primary focus of a website's home page. What works best depends on the audience.

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