Brand Defense

Brand Defense is an often overlooked area.  But, as companies become more successful especially online the more they have to monitor this area. Because it’s impossible to know who will attack or what weapons they will use, some risk intelligent companies are adapting the strategies and tactics of counterinsurgencies to reduce brand threats, both internal and external. Let us monitor your brand as follows:

  1. Plan for the worst. Evaluate brand risk as you would a financial or strategic risk. While it’s impossible to anticipate every outcome, plan for the consequences of brand threats that could be most damaging, even if the chances of them happening seem relatively unlikely. When your planning is done, rehearse, just like you would with any emergency response scenario.
  2. Be proactive. Enroll everyone in your organization in brand risk management, including employees, senior executives and value-chain partners. Engage employees in monitoring and reporting internal and external threats. Build your organization’s ability to anticipate, track, report, manage and respond to internal and external brand threats.
  3. Learn and adapt. Pay attention to how other organizations respond to brand threats to learn what works and what doesn't work. Sabotage tactics are constantly evolving; your brand defense must change as well. When an attack takes place, take the time to analyze your response, assess what worked (and what didn't) and embed that knowledge in future plans.

Brand defense doesn’t get a lot of attention until something bad happens and then everyone wants to know why you didn’t do something to prevent it. By then it’s too late.

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