We take your business goals and research and develop ideas and concepts to build blog posts and social media campaigns around. We can generate ideas to create and compose the final press copy depending on how much time the client has or can be involved. We work within your requirements. 

Brand Defense is an often overlooked area.  But, as companies become more successful especially online the more they have to monitor this area. Because it’s impossible to know who will attack or what weapons they will use, some risk intelligent companies are adapting the strategies and tactics of counterinsurgencies to reduce brand threats, both internal and external.

We offer regular SEO reporting to on page optimization and link building programs. At Higher Advantage, there is no one size fits all program. SEO, just like all of our services are custom tailored to our client's goals, needs and budget.

We can design your email ads or design and publish flyers and newsletters.  We can do it all from consulting and training to complete email marketing campaign management.

Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing in Social Media is an art form. It takes a real effort to build and cultivate a brand following on social media. We use completely white hat techniques to get real likes and real comments. We work primarily on the top social media business related sites, Facebook and Twitter. But, we also handle other social media sites depending on client objectives.

The quickest way to drive traffic to your website is with paid online advertising. Google AdWords is the king of digital advertising both PPC (pay-per-click) and PPM (pay-per-thousand impressions). We have the experience and the resources to provide the best and most cost effective advertising for your company.

Ever wonder why your website is not bringing in the new business that you expected?  You can hire a lot of experts to provide their opinion or you can work with us and get some real statistics to work with - not a guess. We have the tools to provide multiple A-B testing with dynamic software that allows us to create various scenarios with little or no programming required.  What does that mean to you? The information you need at a low price.

Good design starts with a well defined brand, incorporates the company goals, future needs and digital marketing strategy along with the latest design techniques and technologies. Design should also include effective content marketing and proven conversion strategies that provide quality, efficiency and easy maintenance.

Brand is not just a product or service. Reputation and brand image is important because most customers will research a company before they purchase or do business with it. A properly defined and optimized brand will provide the greatest return especially when the opportunities to present the company brand is limited. First impressions are critical especially in the digital world. A well prepared and goal oriented company brand will provide benefits for all the company's products and services.

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